As your Realtor® we're taking extra steps and following new protocols to protect you during this pandemic.

  • Wearing N95 masks in our face-to-face meetings (a superior protective barrier against viruses compared to surgical masks).

  • Wearing high quality face shields, manufactured under license from Health Canada.

  • Requiring Buyers and Agents to wear masks and to sanitize hands, when they are viewing the property.

  • Providing a well-sized Boardroom that permits us to meet while comfortably social distancing, because the number of offers on a given day can be many, and the discussions often complex.
N95 mask, gloves, face shield, and sanitizer
  • Requiring all showings to be limited to two adults, plus one agent, who must first affirm that they and their clients are symptom free, have not travelled outside Canada in the last 14 days, and are not in contact with anyone who has contracted Covid-19.

  • Holding virtual meetings whenever possible, via Zoom technology.

  • Using highly secure software like Docusign, where your signature can be affixed electronically to any document, using your computer or ipad, without the need to print or scan.

  • Whenever possible, we are moving the paperwork to you via email, including market trend data, pricing information, briefing information, contracts, and, optionally, offers as well.


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